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About Us


Blue Sea Float Center


Blue Sea Float is a float-steam-NIRlight self-healing therapeutic center.  Having a sensory deprivation flotation in one of our float pods or float pools saturated with nutritional magnesium sulfate will give you the sensation of zero gravity, accelerate meditation, reduce swelling, and rejuvenate your body and mind with clinically proven benefits both psychologically and emotionally, validated by National Institute of Health. We have private steam (wet sauna) to enhance the float benefits.  We also provide full-body NIR near infrared light in a self-massage chair or bed to treat muscle soreness and inflammation. NIR can also reduce under-skin dark spots, wrinkles, and promote general skin care health. 


Unforgetable Experience

What Is Epsom Salt?

Epsom salt contains two main ingredients: magnesium and sulfate; it is believed that the two combined together stimulate detoxification pathways. Magnesium helps to remove toxins and sulfate helps to strengthen the walls of the digestive tracts to facilitate the release of toxins. Magnesium is also known to soothe dry skin, reduce soreness and pain, reduce swelling, reduce stress, and more.


What Is Floating?


Unforgetable Experience

Floatation therapy is becoming a popular treatment for a variety of ailments both physical and mental. It has been shown to reduce swelling resulting in pain relief, stress reduction, help with sleep disorders and PTSD. The user gets into a float pod or a float pool with water saturated with 1,000 pounds of Epsom salts which produces a low gravity environment letting the body to absorb minerals that enhance its natural ability to heal. With the lights off, the user gets into a state of sensory deprivation allowing the body and mind to relax.


Flotation Therapy Is A Journey To The Center Of Your Mind,

Where The Weight Of The World Dissolves, And Tranquility Takes Its Place

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