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Blue Sea Float is a self-recovery center. Once we are relieved from our daily stress and arise from our dreadful experience of the distant past, we can tap into our inner power to heal physically and mentally.  Our facilities are designed to help you accomplish the goal of setting yourself free from stress with Restricted Environmental Stimulation Techniques REST in a sensory deprivation pool or pod.  Our mission, metaphorically depicted by our logo as a lotus flower floating in the immense blue sea with expanding possibilities, free from the constricted mud pond, is to “Rejuvenate Body and Mind” with increased creativity and vitality.



The Center has six private rooms.  They all have a shower and a toilet.  Three of them (Rooms 3, 5, and 7) have a separate steam room, and two of them (Rooms, 1 and 2) have the steam function within the shower stall.  We have two float pods (in Room 1 and Room 3) and two float pools (in Room 6 and Room 7) so that four parties can have a floating experience simultaneously and separately in each of the private rooms.


The float pod is large enough for a single or a couple to share in a bonding atmosphere for rejuvenation.  Some couples may prefer the more spacious float pool in a similar sensory deprivation environment.  While some patrons would like to come to our center to meditate in floatation, many would like to rest or simply take a nap to recuperate.  Many patrons would also like to have half an hour of hot steam sauna within the same private room after the float session.  The pores of your skin would open up more after floatation to expel the toxins from your body so that you are even more relaxed.

We are planning to equip Room 5 with either another float pod or other self-healing equipment, depending on customer demand.  Our Room 2 with a steamed shower will soon be available for red light (photobiomodulation) and deep brain-wave music therapy in a self-serving zero gravity massage chair or on a massage mattress under an orgonite dome lit by redlight together with other automated massage apparatus for your eyes, hands, and feet.  Please stay tuned for the upcoming announcement.


The hygiene at the center is of utmost importance.  We thoroughly clean up the room after each session.  Due to Covid and potential cross-contamination, we do our best to avoid having two separate parties staying in our front lobby at the same time.  Please refrain from making any appointments if you have any contagious disease or fever.  


All areas around the pod, the pool, the shower, the steam room, the sink, and the toilet are completely sanitized after each float.  All garbage will be immediately disposed of and the garbage bin wiped down.  The pump with a micro-level filter in the float pool and pod is on 24x7 except during float times.  We always stack the appointments at least 15 to 30 minutes apart, allowing ample time for filtering and sanitation.  The sandals are sprayed with diluted chorine and then washed thoroughly.  All linen is washed with warm to hot water after each use.  The pod and pool water with a high concentration of Epsom salt dissolved in it (about 1,000 pounds in a pod, and 1,400 pounds in a pool) are monitored and treated with various spa cleaning solutions under manufactured suggested guidelines for optimal PH level and high hygienic standards.  The filter is also washed and replaced routinely.  Our pools and pods, made by one of the industry-leading spa manufacturers, Royal Spa, are equipped with UV lights and Ozonators that are designed to kill microorganisms and bacteria.  We take pride in our clean facilities and vigorously maintain a clean environment for you to enjoy safely and comfortably.


Scientific data and published papers from independent studies have shown float therapy would "increase the production of serotonin, dopamine, endorphins as well as other hormones that support mood regulation and emotional balance." A paper was published by NIH on "Beneficial effects of treatment with sensory isolation in flotation-tank as a preventive health-care intervention."


Routine low-gravity environments soaked in nurturing magnesium sulfate Epsom salt around one's body can help decrease muscle tensions pain, increase serenity, and lower the person's blood pressure and pulse rate.  Once a floating habit is established, it would release stress, improve athletic performance recovery, alleviate hypertension, decrease inflammation, and potentially cure insomnia, anxiety disorders, PTSD as well as depression in the long run when the floating habit becomes a lifestyle.  


Habit shapes our lifestyle and molds our personality, which in turn forms our character.  A healthy lifestyle integrated with routine float treatments can excel creativity and productivity so that we act wisely, breathe lavishly, and view the world mindfully in a harmonious way.


Floatation therapy is a self-discovery learning process.  If you have any open wounds even as small as a paper cut, you should delay your visit to the center as you may feel a stinging sensation in float. The water temperature is set at 94.7F, which is optimal to keep the nutritional compound of magnesium sulfate MgSO4 intact.  Please refrain from visiting the center immediately after a hard workout or a big meal to avoid feeling claustrophobic.  You are required to take a shower with shampoo only without conditioner before the float, and you need to completely wash off the Epsom salt after the float.  


You should always be in a face-up position while afloat, and do not rub your face.  While it is not harmful to have a small amount of Epsom salt getting in your eyes or nose, you will feel rather uncomfortable.  For patrons with long hair, please be sure to tie your hair back so that it would not get to your face.  You will be provided with a pair of soft moldable silicone putty earplugs, an air pillow, and a pair of sandals for your convenience. There are Q-tips and lotions after the float session.  Although our bathrooms are ADA compliant, getting in and out of the pool and pod may become a challenge to certain patrons.  Please arrange with a partner to come with you for the float should you feel that is more convenient and safe.  We would love to hear from you about your floating experience and how we can better serve you.

Beginner Program

Beginners who have never done flotation before may want to consider the special introductory 1-time spical offer for first-time floaters at 25% discount under the Beginner Program for three sessions of 1-hour float each for an individual at  $178 or $290 for a couple.  The Beginner Program offers regualar 1-session, 3-Pack, 6-Pack, and 12-pack with an optional monthly payment plan.  The price per 1-hour float per person in the 12-Pack Beginner Program goes down to $55 for individuals and $45 for couples.  You have 12 months from purchase to enjoy the sessions under the Beginner Program.

Habit Program

Once you have experienced floatation therapy, you may want to accelerate the self-recovery process to four times a month under the Habit Program to develop a healthy habit for your well-being.  The Habit Program offers a 1-time special offer of a 1-year contract for singles for 4 floats/month for 12 months at $194/month, and for couples at $290/month for 12 months so that the price for 1-hour float per person for individual float sessions would go further down to $48 for individuals, and to $36 for couples.  The Habit Program also offers 1-month, 3-month, 6-month and 12-month package with various discounts from the Beginner Program.  The sessions under the Habit Program are valid for the period/package you choose.

Lifestyle Program

Once you have built a floating habit, it will soon become your lifestyle with a whole paradigm shift of feeling of yourself, vibrant and reborn.  Methorically you may feel like a beautiful lotus flower floating away from the constricted mud pond to the immense blue sea, mighty with unlimited boundary.  You may be more aware of the fundamentals of your well beings to breathe lavishly, sleep soundly, eat healthly, exercise more, and to expose to more natural sunlight. You may also evolve from being a go-getter to a go-giver, from a tailgater to a head-yielder, and from a zero-sum gamer to a total-game changer.   Your skin and nails may become more shiny and healthy, and you may become awaken of your potential.  "Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take but by the moments that take your breath away!"

Our Lifestyle Program is designed to accommodate the frequent floaters of doing eight sessions a month ready to have a significant change of life, rediscovering the moment of awe in life with frequent trance-like theta state floatations.  The 12-month Package of the Lifestyle Program also has a monthly payment plan.  The price per float per person would go further down to $44 per 1-hour float per person for individual float sessions, and down to $33 per 1-hour float per person for the couple-float sessions.  We have a special 1-time offer under the Lifestyle Program of a 1-year contract for singles for 8 floats/month for 12 months at $348/month, and for couples at $522/month for 12 months.   

2-Hour Float Program

With the demand from some patrons, we are now offering 2-hour float sessions, providing you literally two hours to sleep in a float pod or a float pool.  It was scientifically proven that one hour of floatation is equal to about three to four hours of deep sleep at night.  This offering is particularly attractive to first responders and others who finish a tiring work shift or long-distance drivers who need a quiet place to recuperate and to rest for a couple of hours before going home or continuing their journey.  The second float hour will be charged only half the price of the first hour for the specific program you purchase.  We also offer 2-hour room booking sessions so that you are free to allocate your float and steam times the way that suits your needs.  Therefore, the price per 1-hour float per person would go significantly down to $33 for individual 2-hour float sessions, and to $24 for 2-hour couple-float sessions. 

We have1-time special offers under the Beginner, Habit, and Lifestyle Program with significant discounts:

Beginner Program

1-time Special 12-Month Contract

2-Hour Room for Float & Steam

1 Visit/Month 12-Pack Contract

Valid for 1 Year after Purchase

Individual: $83/month for 12 months

Couple: $136/monthfor 12 months

Habit Program

1-time Special 12-Month Contract

2-Hour Room for Float & Steam

4 Visits/Month, 48 Visits/Year

Valid for 1 Year after Purchase

Single: $290/month for 12 months

Couple: $436/month for 12 months

Lifestyle Program

1-time Special 12-Month Contract

2-Hour Room Float & Steam

8 Visits/Month96, Visits/Year

Valid for 1 Year after Purchase

Single: $522/month for 12 months

Couple:$783/monthfor 12 months

Many people may be making the similar amount of installment on their brand new vehicles, which have been  depreciating the moment they drove off the dealership.  However, your body and mind will become forever more vibrant if you invest wisely in yourself with a stronger body, appreciating self-worth, awakening insighfulness, shapening intutivity, and heighening creativity as well as productivey.  The inner value you will possess not monetarily measusred will in turn bring you the richness of life including true friendship, real soulmate, happy profession, and the beautiful life around you!

Gift Cards

First Responsder Discount

Organization & Individual Referral Program

Sponsorship Program

Should you have any questions, please feel free to call us.  We would be happy to assist you, and we look forward to having you at the Blue Sea Float Center!

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