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​Blue Sea Float is a float therapy facility. Floating gives you the sensation of zero gravity, reduces swelling, and rejuvenates your body and mind due to all the minerals in the water.


Blue Sea Float is a self-recovery center. Once we are relieved from our daily stress and arise from our dreadful experience of the distant past, we can tap into our inner power to heal physically and mentally.  Our facilities are designed to help you accomplish the goal of setting yourself free from stress with Restricted Environmental Stimulation Techniques REST in a sensory deprivation pool or pod.  Our mission, metaphorically depicted by our logo as a lotus flower floating in the immense blue sea with expanding possibilities, free from the constricted mud pond, is to “Rejuvenate Body and Mind” with increased creativity and vitality.


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The Center has six private rooms.  They all have a shower and a toilet.  Three of them (Rooms 3, 5, and 7) have a separate steam room, and two of them (Rooms, 1 and 2) have the steam function within the shower stall.  We have two float pods (in Room 1 and Room 3) and two float pools (in Room 6 and Room 7) so that four parties can have a floating experience simultaneously and separately in each of the private rooms.

The float pod is large enough for a single or a couple to share in a bonding atmosphere for rejuvenation.  Some couples may prefer the more spacious float pool in a similar sensory deprivation environment.  While some patrons would like to come to our center to meditate in floatation, many would like to rest or simply take a nap to recuperate.  Many patrons would also like to have half an hour of hot steam sauna within the same private room after the float session.  The pores of your skin would open up more after floatation to expel the toxins from your body so that you are even more relaxed.

We are planning to equip Room 5 with either another float pod or other self-healing equipment, depending on customer demand.  Our Room 2 with a steamed shower will soon be available for red light (photobiomodulation) and deep brain-wave music therapy in a self-serving zero gravity massage chair or on a massage mattress under an orgonite dome lit by redlight together with other automated massage apparatus for your eyes, hands, and feet.  Please stay tuned for the upcoming announcement.

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