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Enjoy our altered state of sensory deprivation float therapy in either a futuristic egg-like pod or an industry-unique float pool similar to a huge bathtub in a private room for a single or a double sharing the room with a shower, a toilet, a sink, relaxing seats and other convenient amenities within the private float Pod Rooms 1 & 3 and Pool Rooms 6 & 7.  While Room 1 shower has an in-shower stall steam (110F) allowing optional steam bath at additional cost, Rooms 3 & 7 have separated steam rooms within the float rooms to provide convenient post-float wet sauna (130F). The pores of the skin open up after floating with easy sweating out toxins from the body, allowing you to further decompress and relax.  Many patrons would take a cold shower after a hot sauna with slight cryotherapy effect.  According to Wikipedia, cryotherapy can "relieve muscle pain, sprains and swelling after soft tissue damage or surgery... accelerate recovery in athletes after exercise... decrease the temperature of tissue surfaces to minimize hypoxic cell death, edema accumulation, and muscle spasms... Minimising each or all of these ultimately alleviates discomfort and inflammation." 


Relaxing in zero gravity Epsom salt-dissolved water has been clinically proven with multiple benefits, such as reducing inflammation, muscle soreness, and stress. Sensory deprivation flotation can enhance meditation, increase creativity and productivity. NIH National Institute of Health has validated the efficacy of habitual flotation in treating PDSD post traumatic stress disorder.  Smaller clinical studies were also conducted by combining sensory deprivation flotation in Epsom salt to treat hypertension, addictive behavior, OCD obsessive-compulsive disorder, ADHD attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, anger management, chronic stress, anxiety and sleep apnea. It is generally believed that one hour of altered-state flotation is similar to 2 to 3 hours of sleep.


Room 2 offers photobiomodulation full-body red light treatment for muscle soreness and inflammation. NIR near infra-red light can reduce under-skin dark spots and wrinkles, increase natural recovery process.  NIR photons penetrate human tissue and excite the mitochondria in the blood cells to accelerate the cell regeneration process with self healing effects to replace unwanted tissues and skins.

features & benefits 

RooM 1

Amenities: float pod, shower with optional steam (110F), toilet, couch. Ideal for a single float with or without steam.

Room 2

Amenities: Shower with steam (110F), redlight self-massage chair and bed, orgonite shield, electro-magnetic wave lamp, reflexology foot massage tub. Unique near infrared NIR light skin health treatment for wrinkly skin, irritated pores, and acre. Also good for brain neurons and relax you as well!

room 3

Amenities: float pod, shower, steam room (130F), toilet, arm chairs. Ideal for a couple or a single float with or without steam.

room 7

Amenities: float pool with overhead red light, shower, steam room (130F), toilet, couch, chairlift. Ideal for the claustrophobic, handicapped, couple or a single who would like more open space.

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Please call 408-262-5088 now for appointments at our discounted float spa with best pricing and facilities in town.

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